Neuroscientists Adopting Huron TissueScope Whole Slide Scanning Platform to Accelerate Brain Research

Huron Digital Pathology to showcase TissueScope at Neuroscience 2017 conference Nov 12-15 booth #1812

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – October 31, 2017 – With the Neuroscience 2017 conference in Washington fast approaching, Huron Digital Pathology, a provider of sophisticated whole slide scanning solutions, is seeing growing adoption of its TissueScope platform among prominent neuroscience researchers due to its flexible scanning capability.

The award-winning TissueScope platform is a fully automated solution for quickly and easily scanning large volumes of slides up to 6″ x 8″, with sharp, clear image quality up to 40X magnification. The unique design of the TissueScope allows it to scan the most difficult slides including rodent, primate, cetacea, and human brain sections. TissueScope’s remarkable speed and image quality are allowing scientists to accelerate a variety of brain-related research.

What neuroscientists are saying about the TissueScope whole slide scanning platform:

“The Huron TissueScope is a remarkable and unique instrument that allows very high-resolution scanning of large format slides. We are using this for a project related to the famous patient H.M. It will allow us to provide images of H.M.’s brain for posterity to scientists and other interested individuals. The instrument has been easy to use and has produced uniformly high-quality output.” Dr. David Amaral, Beneto Foundation Chair and Director of Research, The M.I.N.D. Institute, University of California, Davis

 “The TissueScope platform is a high-end scanner that opens exciting perspective to image histological sections in 3D with ultra-high speed. This is of particular importance for studying the human brain considering the large size of sections.” Prof. Dr. med. Katrin Amunts, Director of the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Jülich Forschungszentrum

“Neurohistology is a huge bottleneck in R&D, and NeuroScience Associates’ mass production MultiBrain® technology removes that bottle neck. Of course, after the microscope slides are produced, images must be captured from areas of interest in the stained sections, which can also further slow things down. Such image capture requires the right equipment and personnel expertise – a combination often lacking in many institutions. Huron’s TissueScope platform accelerates the scanning process by capturing high quality images efficiently, allowing them to be disseminated easily among collaborators. We are excited to couple our efficient, high throughput neurohistology production with Huron’s high throughput, high quality and versatile image capture system.”  Robert C. Switzer III, PhD, President & Chief Scientific Officer, NeuroScience Associates

The TissueScope platform includes the TissueScope LE for lower volume scanning and the higher capacity TissueScope LE120 for high throughput unattended imaging. Both scanners can be paired with Huron’s exclusive TissueSnap preview station for even greater throughput.

About Huron Digital Pathology

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Huron Digital Pathology has a 20-year history designing sophisticated imaging instrumentation. Our end-to-end digital whole slide scanning solutions for digital pathology incorporate our award-winning TissueScope™ digital slide scanners and TissueSnap™ preview scanning station. Visit us at

The TissueScope™ scanner is intended for research and educational purposes only.



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