Huron's solutions leverage our 10+ years of experience in providing whole slide scanners to leading clinical and research institutions. We pride ourselves on second-to-none image quality, outstanding customer service, and non-standard glass slide and customized, application-specific scanning solutions.

Scan Slides Intelligently

Our newly-developed TissueScope iQ scanner combines scanning flexibility with high image quality and throughput.

Learn about TissueScope iQ here.

Index Your Whole Slide Image Archive

Whole slide images are large and therefore difficult to search. We have developed a scanner-agnostic and IT-friendly method for indexing large archives of whole slide images so they can be quickly and easily searched. The technique is designed to batch-index existing digital slide archives and index new slides as they are added to the archive. The digital slides can either originate from Huron scanners, where they are indexed natively, or from third party scanners. The more digital slides, the better the search performance.

Learn about indexing for search here.

Search by Image Content to Unlock Knowledge

We offer an easy-to-use tool for pathologists, researchers and educators to retrieve images that are anatomically similar to the biopsy samples they are reviewing. After highlighting a region of interest, the search engine returns images with similar content along with the corresponding diagnoses. This search capability can be deployed within a single institution or across multiple networks.

Learn more about image search here.

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