TissueScope™ LE Slide Scanner

The best in whole slide imaging, only better.

Newly redesigned, the award-winning TissueScope LE scanner sets the standard for versatility, throughput, and ease of use. Scan up to twelve 1” x 3” brightfield slides, up to six 2” x 3” slides, or any size slide up to 6”x 8”.

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Mix and match – standard to whole mount.

1″ x 3″ Slides

Any side slide up to 6″ x 8″

Need Higher Volume?

Our TissueScope LE120 offers the same great image quality and versatility as the TissueScope LE, but with higher slide capacity. Each of the scanner’s 10 slide holders accommodates up to twelve 1″ x 3″ slides, allowing for continuous scanning of up to 120 brightfield slides at once.

Learn more about the TissueScope LE120

TissueScope LE Key Features

  • Easy to use

  • Fast: <1 minute per slide, 15mm x 15mm @20X

  • Sharp, clear image quality up to 40X magnification

  • Scan up to twelve standard 1″ x 3″slides, or any size up to 6″ x 8” for unmatched versatility

  • Z-Stack scanning

  • Image-based barcode scanning

  • Pair with the TissueSnap preview station for enhanced workflow optimization

TissueScope LE Technical Specifications

Imaging Mode


Slide Formats

25mm x 75mm (1″ x 3″)
50mm x 75mm (2″ x 3″)
Whole mount slides up to 150mm x 200mm (6″ x 8″)

Optical Resolution

0.75 NA

Resolution (µm/pixel)

0.2 at 40X
0.4 at 20X

Scan Speed

<1 minute per slide, 15mm x 15mm @20X magnification

File Format

Non-proprietary 24-bit RGB Pyramidal BigTIFF
Uncompressed, or JPEG 2000 Compression
Export to JPEG, Flat TIFF and LZW Compressed TIFF

Dimensions & Weight

61cm (24.1″) Width
56cm (22.2″) Length
40cm (15.9″) Height
39Kg (85lbs) Weight




One year

Bundle image management, analysis, and workflow.

Image Analysis.

We have partnered with the leading image analysis software vendors to provide image analysis solutions for both clinical and research.

Workflow Optimization.

The TissueSnap works with TissueScope scanners to offload time consuming tasks to optimize throughput and performance.

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Our Partners

Please contact [email protected] for information on the use of the product in your facility. The regulatory status of the product differs by country/region.

TissueScope™, TissueSnap™ and Huron Digital Pathology™ are trademarks of Huron Technologies International Inc. The TissueScope™ scanner is based on one or more of the following: U.S. Patents 8,896,918 B2/ 8,655,043 B2/ 9,632,301/ 9,804,376 B2/ 9,575,304/ 10,114, 206/ 9,575,308/ 10,088,655/ 6,072,624;EU patents EP2758825 (A1)/ EP EP2656133 (A1)/ EP2864741 (A1); U.S. and International patents pending. Manufactured by Huron Technologies International Inc., of which Huron Digital Pathology is an operating division.

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