The best in whole slide imaging, only better.

TissueScope™ iQ

Scan 400 standard or 200 double-wide slides. Native indexing for image search.

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TissueScope™ LE

Best in class scanning. Scan any size slide up to 6″ x 8″.

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TissueScope™ LE120

Best in class scanning, higher capacity. Scan any size slide up to 6″ x 8″.

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TissueScope Key Differentiators

  • Scanning Flexibility: Low to high volume scanning models; Ability to scan any size slide up to 6 ”x 8 inches; configurable to meet specific requirements

  • Broad Compatibility: Non-proprietary, BigTIFF file format can be easily integrated into third party image management platforms; DICOM compatibility

  • Intelligence: Native, real-time indexing of slides in TissueScope iQ to enable image search; enables triaging and quality control in the lab

  • Patented MSIA Technology (Moving Specimen Image Averaging): improves image quality; increases resolution; reduces noise

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Please contact [email protected] for information on the use of the product in your facility. The regulatory status of the product differs by country/region.

TissueScope™, TissueSnap™ and Huron Digital Pathology™ are trademarks of Huron Technologies International Inc. The TissueScope™ scanner is based on one or more of the following: U.S. Patents 8,896,918 B2/8,655,043/7,218,446 B2 / 6,072,624; EU patent 2758825; U.S. and International patents pending. Huron Digital Pathology is an operating division of Huron Technologies International Inc.

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