TissueScope™ CF Confocal Fluorescence Scanner

TissueScope CF

Award-winning confocal fluorescence slide scanner for research

The TissueScope CF is an award winning confocal fluorescence scanner. Scan a variety of standard or whole mount slide sizes up to 6″ x 8″ for the ultimate in versatility.

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Key Features

  • Confocal fluorescence with brightfield capability

  • Scan standard 1″ x 3″ and 2″ x 3″ slides as well as whole mount slides in any size up to 6″ x 8″

  • Sharp, clear image quality up to 20X magnification

  • Includes HuronViewer software for image viewing

Technical Specifications

Imaging Mode

Confocal Fluorescence with Brightfield Capability

Slide Formats

25mm x 75mm (1″ x 3″)
50mm x 75mm (2″ x 3″)
Whole mount slides up to 150mm x 200mm (6″ x 8″)

Optical Resolution

0.60 NA

Resolution (µm/pixel)

0.50 at 20X (5.0 at 2.5)
1.00 at 10X (10.0 at 1.0X)




File Format

Non-proprietary 24-bit RGB pyramidal Big TIFF
Uncompressed, JPEG or JPEG2000 compression
Export to JPEG, Flat TIFF and LZW compressed TIFF

Dimensions & Weight

60cm (23.6″) Width
55cm (21.7″) Length
70cm (28″) Height
150Kg (330.7lbs) Weight

Operating Temperature

10ºC – 25ºC (50ºF – 77ºF)




One year

Our slide holder system sets the standard for scanning versatility and safe handling of slides.

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Slide Holder - 12 slides

Our Partners

The TissueScope CF scanner is intended for research and educational purposes only. TissueScope™, and TissueSnap™ and Huron Digital Pathology™ are trademarks of Huron Technologies International Inc. The TissueScope scanner is based on one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 8,896,918 B2/8,655,043/7,218,446 B2 / 6,072,624 / 5,760,951 / 5,737,121 / 5,532,873 / 5,381,224 / 5,386,112 / 5,192,980. U.S. and International patents pending. Huron Digital Pathology is an operating division of Huron Technologies International Inc.