Published Studies that Reference the Use of TissueScope™ Scanners

Cerebrovascular and blood-brain barrier impairments in Huntington’s disease: potential implications for its pathophysiology

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Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopic Imaging for Characterization of Disease Extent in Prostate Cancer Patients

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Non-invasive evaluation of breast cancer response to chemotherapy using quantitative ultrasonic backscatter parameters

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Prostate clinical study of a full inversion unconstrained ultrasound elastography technique

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Immune correlates of HIV exposure without infection in foreskins of men from Rakai, Uganda

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Go Large! Opportunities and Challenges Presented by Whole-Mount Histopathology

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Targeting the Renin–Angiotensin System Combined With an Antioxidant Is Highly Effective in Mitigating Radiation-Induced Lung Damage

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Early prediction of therapy responses and outcomes in breast cancer patients using quantitative ultrasound spectral texture

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HIV Infection in Uncircumcised Men Is Associated With Altered CD8 T-Cell Function But Normal CD4 T-cell Numbers in the Foreskin

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Biomechanical Modeling and Inverse Problem Based Elasticity Imaging for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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A Texture Based Approach to Automated Detection of Diagnostically Relevant Regions in Breast Digital Pathology

Publication: MICCAI, Workshop on Breast Image Analysis, 2013

Irinotecan Sucrosofate Liposome Injection, MM-398, Demonstrates Superior Activity and Control of Hypoxia as Measured through Longitudinal Imaging Using [18F]FAZA PET Compared to Free Irinotecan in a Colon Adenocarcinoma Xenograft Model

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Hypoxic activation of the PERK/eIF2a arm of the unfolded protein response promotes metastasis through induction of LAMP3

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Quantification of Fibrosis in Infarcted Swine Hearts by ex vivo Late Gadolinium Enhancement and Diffusion-Weighted MRI Methods

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3D Co-registration of MRI and Histology in a Mouse Model of Obesity

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Development of a Multi-Modality Imaging Pipeline for the Interrogation of Phenotypic Differences in the Tumor Microenvironment of Patient-Derived Colon Cancer Xenografts

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Quantitative Ultrasound Evaluation of Tumour Cell Death Response in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

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Evaluation of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response in Women with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Using Ultrasound Elastography

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Development and Proof-of-Concept of Three-Dimensional Lung Histology Volumes

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Sequence Dependence of MEK Inhibitor AZD6244 Combined with Gemcitabine for Treatment of Biliary Cancer

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Diffuse Optical Imaging for Monitoring Treatment Response in Breast Cancer Patients

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WFDC1/ps20: A Host Factor that Influences the Neutrophil Response to Murine Hepatitis Virus (MHV) 1 Infection

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3D Pathology Volumetric Technique: A Method for Calculating Breast Tumour Volume from Whole-Mount Serial Section Images

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Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy Evaluation of Treatment Response in Women with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Receiving Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

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Targeting Tumour Metabolism through HIF-1 Inhibition Enhances Radiation Response in Cervix and Head and Neck Xenograft Tumours

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Digital Transplantation Pathology: Combining Whole Slide Imaging, Multiplex Staining and Automated Image Analysis

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Biomechanical Property Quantification of Prostate Cancer by Quasi-static MR Elastography at 7 Telsa of Radical Prostatectomy, and Correlation with Whole Mount Histology

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Megapixel Digital PCR

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Evaluation of Microscopic Disease in Oral Tongue Cancer Using Whole-Mount Histopathologic Techniques: Implications for the Management of Head-and-Neck Cancers

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Hypoxia predicts aggressive growth and spontaneous metastasis formation from orthotopically-grown primary xenografts of human pancreatic cancer

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Evaluating the Extent of Cell Death in 3D High Frequency Ultrasound by Registration with Whole Mount-tumor Histopathology

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Registration of In Vivo Prostate Magnetic Resonance Images to Digital Histopathology Images

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Technical Note: Fiducial Markers for Correlation of Whole-Specimen Histopathology with MR Imaging at 7 Tesla

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Activation of Src and Src-associated Signaling Pathways in Relation to Hypoxia in Human Cancer Zenograft Models

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Developing a Methodology for Three-Dimensional Correlation of PET-CT images and Whole-Mount Histopathology in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

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Effect of Distributional Heterogeneity on the Analysis of Tumor Hypoxia Based Carbonic Anhydrase IX

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Imaging and Modulating Antisense Microdistribution in Solid Human Xenograft Tumor Models

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Measurements of Aneurysm Morphology Determined by 3-D Micro-Ultrasound Imaging as Potential Quantitative Biomarkers in a Mouse Aneurysm Model

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Predictive and Pharmacodynamic Biomarker Studies in Tumor and Skin Tissue Samples of Patients With Recurrent or Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Treated With Erlotinib

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Acquiring Multiple Images of Large Tissue Sections in Both Fluorescence and Transmitted Light using the Laser Scanning Confocal TISSUEscope

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Multiplexed and quantitative study of biomarker expression in tumor specimens using quantum dots

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A Phase 2 Clinical and Pharmacodynamic Study of Temsirolimus in Advanced Neuroendocrine Carcinomas

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A New Wide Field-of-view Confocal Imaging System and its Applications in Drug Discovery and Pathology

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A Phase 2 Trial with Pharmacodynamic Endpoints of the Proteasome Inhibitor Bortezomib in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

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Hyperspectral Unmixing for Removing Autofluorescence from Paraffin-Embedded, Formalin-fixed Tissue Sections

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A High-resolution MACROscope with Differential Phase Contrast, Transmitted Light, Confocal Fluorescence, and Hyperspectral Capabilities for Large-area Tissue Imaging

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