What Makes a Great Whole Slide Scanner?

Start with high total throughput

Throughput is more than just scan speed. If slides need to be re-scanned it will have a huge negative impact on throughput. A great scanner can handle difficult slides – ones with multiple bar codes, excess mounting media, faint tissue or overhanging cover slips – and therefore deliver higher actual throughput.

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Add a flexible platform that can scan any slide size

Often, many slides  are non-standard size. Look for a scanner that can image standard, double wide and large slides up to 6″ x 8″, with high throughput.

Learn how Huron’s innovative slide holder.

Make sure it plays well with others

Huron’s scanners output a non-proprietary file format, making it easy to integrate with many popular image management and image analysis packages.

Then choose the right instrument for your needs

TissueScope™ LE

The best in whole slide imaging, only better.

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TissueScope™ LE120

Higher throughput brightfield scanning

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TissueScope™ CF

Confocal fluorescence scanner

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