“Digital is Inevitable, What Now?” published at The Pathologist

A new article by Huron Digital Pathology CEO, Patrick Myles, was recently published at The Pathologist. Keep reading for a snippet of the article, or visit our resources page for a PDF download.


Pathology is not immune to the powers of digital; let’s look at parallels outside the medical industry…

It’s amazing to think about how digital imaging technology has transformed just about every part of our lives. Want to watch an Oscar-winning film in 4K resolution? Just fire up Netflix and grab the popcorn. Need a 360-degree view of your car’s surroundings so you can safely park at the grocery store? It’s right there on your navigation screen. Have a desire to take magnificent photos that can be blown up and displayed on huge billboards in major cities around the world? Press a button on your iPhone (last year’s model will do just fine).

This begs the question: are there really any areas of our lives that won’t be disrupted by digital technology? I read with interest a recent cover feature in The Pathologist on building a business case for digital pathology, and specifically Luke Perkocha’s thoughts on the issue (1).

If you read various opinion pieces on digital pathology, you may think that the practice of pathology is somehow structurally immune to the powers of digital. Is this true though, or is the march towards digital inevitable?

. . . (via the Pathologist)