We make whole mount brain scanning easy.

Scan any size tissue, up to 6" x 8" and 40X.

No stitching. No tiling. Just sharp, clear, high magnification digital slides up to 40X. Easy to scan. Easy to share and analyze.

Thanks to our flexible slide holder system, the TissueScope™ LE can accommodate any size tissue up to 6″ x 8″. Automated, whole mount scanning has never been easier.

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No matter how you want to slice it.

TissueScope LE

Lower Volume

The TissueScope LE is the industry’s most versatile whole slide brightfield scanner.

Learn more about the LE here.

Higher Volume

The TissueScope LE120 adds increased throughput for continuous, unattended scanning of 10 slideholders at once.

Learn more about the LE120 here.

See brain imaging in action.

App note: brain injury research

A new understanding of memory and the hippocampus.

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App note: atlasing the brain

Powerfully detailed reference brains will revolutionize neuroscience.

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High resolution image gallery

High magnification images captured with our TissueScope scanner.

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