TissueScope iQ Intelligent Slide Scanner

Flexible scanning meets throughput and intelligence

Our newly-developed TissueScope iQ scanner combines flexibility and high throughput with industry-first, real-time, native indexing of images to enable content-based image search.

Download the TissueScope iQ brochure here.

400 standard or 200 double-wide slides

TissueScope iQ features five slide cartridges, each holding 80 standard slides (400 total) or 40 double-wide slides (200 total). Standard or double-wide cartridges can be mixed and matched in the scanner for scanning flexibility.

Native indexing for search

TissueScope iQ is the first whole slide scanner to incorporate intelligent slide indexing. For every scan, we create an index, representing the slide as a series of compact and easily-searchable smart barcodes. The index allows our AI-powered image search engine to quickly search across vast slide archives. Native indexing will enable valuable, real-world applications for quality control and laboratory automation.

Learn about indexing and search here.

Fresh new user interface

Slide scanning has never been easier or more flexible. We completely refreshed the TissueScope iQ’s user interface so it is even more intuitive.

Choose “One-click” mode for fully automated scanning or expert mode for full scanning configurability.

TissueScope iQ Key Features

  • High capacity: up to 400 standard or 200 double-wide slides

  • Flexibility: Mix and match standard and double-wide
    cartridge slides

  • Industry-first, real-time native indexing of slides for image search

  • Non-proprietary file format, DICOM compatible

  • Fresh, new user interface

  • Fast: <1 minute per slide

  • Sharp, clear image quality up to 40X magnification

  • Z-Stack scanning

  • Image-based barcode reading

TissueScope iQ Technical Specifications

Imaging Mode


Slide Formats

25mm x 75mm (1″ x 3″)
50mm x 75mm (2″ x 3″)

Optical Resolution

0.75 NA

Resolution (µm/pixel)

0.2 at 40X
0.4 at 20X

Scan Speed

<1 minute per slide, 15mm x 15mm @20X magnification

File Format

Non-proprietary 24-bit RGB Pyramidal BigTIFF
Uncompressed, or JPEG 2000 Compression
Export to JPEG, Flat TIFF and LZW Compressed TIFF

Dimensions & Weight

60cm (23.7″) Width
54cm (21.4″) Length
43 cm (16.9″) Height
44kg (97lbs) Weight


One year

TissueScope™ iQ is intended for research and educational purposes only. TissueScope™, TissueSnap™ and Huron Digital Pathology™ are trademarks of Huron Technologies International Inc. The TissueScope™ scanner is based on one or more of the following: U.S. Patents 8,896,918 B2/ 8,655,043 B2/ 9,632,301/ 9,804,376 B2/ 9,575,304/ 10,114, 206/ 9,575,308/ 10,088,655/ 6,072,624;EU patents EP2758825 (A1)/ EP EP2656133 (A1)/ EP2864741 (A1); U.S. and International patents pending. Manufactured by Huron Technologies International Inc., of which Huron Digital Pathology is an operating division.

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